Good Neighbor Team


Refugees are survivors, leaders, teachers, artists, dreamers and laborers. They are children, forgotten, persecuted, made in God’s image, our new neighbors and our future friends.

How can those of us receiving these families into our community best respond? Material needs and tangible service is helpful but the greatest gift we can give is friendship, community, belonging and acceptance as we value their stories, dreams and contributions.

Cornerstone has partnered with World Relieft to form 3 different teams to help refugees settle in the Bellevue area. We’ve helped a single web developer, a couple, and a family from Kenya. It involves tasks such as driving the refugees around, helping them find apartments or employment, and most importantly, acting as some of their first friends as they settle down in a new country.


Get Involved


Settling refugees is a group effort. Come form a team!


There are many costs needed to resettle refugees including transportation, classes, administration, etc. Any contributions are welcome!


Pastor Anton <[email protected]>
Katherine Shen <[email protected]>