Jesus loves everyone in the world, and His desire is to see each one rejoicing with their Heavenly Father, filled with God's Spirit, and growing into the fullness of who they were made to be in Him. Toward that end, Jesus gives all of us who have accepted Him as Savior and Lord a commission: to help bring eternal life to others by making disciples.

The missions core team (MCT) exists to help ignite a godly passion in every believer of Jesus at Cornerstone for the lost and the least such that we join Him in helping to reach and transform others all over the world into passionate followers of Christ.

We do this by:
  • praying for Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of everyone at our church
  • coordinating short term mission trips to support outreach efforts around the world with long term partners who are ministering locally in those  geographic areas
  • helping the church to care for and work with those in our church family who have gone out in various long term missionary roles
  • helping to grow a deeper passion and alignment of each of our hearts with His for those who are desperately searching for the love only He can give.

If you want to know more, please contact the MCT at ([email protected])

For His glory and the joy of the nations,
The Missions Core Team