Cornerstone Samahua, Huatulco


Pre-k to 4th grade school in a coastal town about a 6 hour drive South East of Oaxaca city. In partnership with GEM (Global Education Ministries), the school started September of 2019. GEM covers salaries for the teachers in Pre-K to 4th grade, as well as Pastor David and his wife's (Sandra) salaries. GEM does not cover expenses from materials, equipment, rent, utilities, building.

Pastor David and Sandra have a heart for serving and giving of themselves to those around them, showing the love of Christ in different ways . Pastor David and Sandra decided to move their family (4 children) from Oaxaca city (where they lived all their lives and where roots were deep) to the coastal town of Huatulco, a corner of Oaxaca State 6 hours drive from the city and from their comfort zone. They followed God's prompting to pastor a small Congregation there. Through tremendous ups and downs, they often sought counsel and prayed about what God really had in store for them in a land foreign to them. They wanted their congregation to turn from inactivated Christians to ones that live by the Spirit, but progress was slow. Sandra, an educator with a higher learning degree, and Pastor David sought counsel and prayer and decided to make a Christian based proposal to Global Education Ministries (GEM), to open a private school in Huatulco. GEM specializes in starting up Christian schools around the world with a heart to provide an affordable education to cities desperately in need. Pastor David and Sandra’s proposal was accepted and they embarked in an adventure, which didn't seem possible months prior, but has now become a reality. Their school started recruiting students in July of 2019 and within 7 months, they had 33 students signed, 5 teachers, and room to expand to 80 students. Even through the pandemic, they have continued classes and retained all their students. The school is financially breaking even within one year of its inception. The original goal by GEM was 18 students by the end of the first year, which they easily surpassed, which speaks to the great need and the success God granted. Students and family's lives are being transformed as many seek their counsel and their prayer during increasingly difficult times and also see students transformed through the classes and the myriad of activities they provide outside of class times.

Public schools in the area are very poorly run in general. There are two private schools in Huatulco that cost an average of $2000 MX per month ($100 USD/mo). Thus tuition amount is prohibitive for most people living in the area. Cornerstone School charges a much more affordable $400 MX per month ($20 USD/mo), though some pay less or nothing because they can't afford it. Their aim is for the majority to pay full tuition, which would allow for some to be in partial or full scholarships.

Cornerstone Church in Seattle has walked with the Pacheco family from inception of the school, helping them with mission statements, proposals, tables, chairs, painting material, books, computers, windows, air conditioning, building of extra rooms, etc.

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They are looking for a long term English teacher. If you want to make a huge eternal difference in children’s lives, please let us know!


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