Peter Cawthorne's Ministry


Peter and Theresa Cawthon have been in Oaxaca for over 30 years. They have a very simple vision, which is to identify areas in Oaxaca that are unchurched, unreached, map those places out, find a nearby Evangelical Church and make connections. He and his team go out to different indiginous villages to share the love of God, the Gospel or truth, and have a nearby congregation follow up. Their usual means of reaching villages is via dentistry, medical, haircuts, house to house bucket distributions and some small programs. Peter and Theresa own and run a Christian library and those working at the library are his mission team. Mission teams would be hosted at the library compound, which houses about 25 people. Everytime we receive correspondence from the Cawthon family, we are reminded of their live mission which is “until all have heard”.

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Pray for them as they reach the region with the most unreached people’s groups in the Americas.


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