Safety Guidelines and Sign Ups for
In Person Worship Services

Dear Cornerstone Family,
We are officially opening in person services starting August 16th!  You've already seen some of the safety changes we've implemented on the stream, but before we open up the doors, we wanted to brief you on everything we're doing (and that we'll need your help doing) to keep each person safe at our Ministry Center on Sundays.  

10 Points of Protection on Sunday Morning

1. COVID-19 health screening, including temperatures, for all staff, volunteers, and visitors prior to entering the MC.

2. Everyone must wear a mask at all times.  Exceptions include vocalists who will be behind individual plexiglass barriers and the speaker who will be over 15 feet away from the nearest masked person.

3. Everyone will enter through the front door and wash hands upon entry either with soap and water or hand sanitizer.

4. Safe social distancing capabilities will set the limit to the number of people in the MC, rather than a specific target number.

5. 2 people per restroom maximum capacity.

6. Assigned seating in household clusters 6 feet away from the next household.

7. All high touch surfaces will be disinfected with EPA approved products prior to and after service.

8. Mics and other handheld devices will be cleaned and then disinfected in a UV cabinet.

9. Air purifiers will be running during the entire time people are present in the MC and doors will be open to allow for maximum ventilation.

10. Everyone will exit the MC using the big room doors and use hand sanitizer as they exit.

To help us remember these, we've put together a fun safety video that you will need to watch before attending a service.  Click the video below to enjoy!
Finally, if you would like to attend the service at the Ministry Center, you will need to sign up each week, including filling out the health questions.  The signups will be setup for a first-come, first-serve basis to start and you will receive a confirmation email if there is space for you to attend.  You will receive a separate email if you have been placed on the waiting list for that week.  All volunteers will also be required to fill this out each week before serving.

Infants 2 years old and under can attend our worship service if their parents have a safe covering  for their child (e.g. a wrap, a covering over a stroller, etc.) for their safety and as a courtesy for the sensitivity of others.  Room A/B will be made available with a limited capacity to accommodate parents with a crying baby.   If parents decide to leave the service, they can exit via the East office side door (not the lobby door or the big room door). This adheres to the State's directive that traffic be one way.

UPDATE:   Everyone who attends our worship service will need to wear a KN95 mask or approximate equivalent (this is above and beyond what the State or CDC requires). These masks are significantly more effective in preventing the spread of the virus. Cornerstone will have an ample supply for anyone who attends the worship services and needs one so please feel welcome to come. Once infection rates decrease we will return to allowing cloth masks at our worship services.

If anything changes with your situation, we ask that you let Rita know as soon as possible for the health and safety of the congregation.  
We also want to acknowledge that for many in our congregation, attending in person may not be possible for various reasons, whether personal or for somebody near to them.  We love you and want you to take all appropriate precautions, knowing that you will not be judged or viewed as any less faithful for your decision to attend or not.  This is a challenging time for all of us and we trust that you are each wrestling to balance living in freedom and showing appropriate caution to care for the people around you.  

Please know that these procedures are subject to change, as we stay on top of what the latest trends are and what restrictions are being required, so please be patient as we work our way back to attending in person.  Thank you so much and hope to see you soon!