SEED Project


The SEED Project Initiative encompasses a small but growing number of microdevelopment projects scattered throughout Southeast Asia that are bringing God’s transformational love to people, families, and whole communities in tangible and practical ways. These projects are helping reduce the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual breakage that have plagued many of the needy, generation after generation, by empowering farming, livestock, and business initiatives that are sustainable and reproducible for greater and greater swaths of the marginalized. Villages that have been fractured, deprived, and left vulnerable when parents and leaders have had to leave children and communities behind to find work in faraway places can now stay more intact. Children and adults who were at risk for labor or sex trafficking are now safer. Cow, pig, chicken, and other types of projects are making marked impacts on starvation, illness, suffering, and death in these areas to the glory of God and His love. During the coronavirus pandemic, the SEED Project Initiative has also been actively working to meet the basic needs of some of the villages of six different ethnic minority groups. 

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