Sunbeam Kids International Grace English Class


Sunbeam Kids International Grace English Class in rural Cambodia was started in 2008 by Yachiyo Araki as an after school ministry to help break the cycle of poverty that so many Cambodians are trapped in. God touched Yachiyo’s heart and gave her a vision to bring the hope of Christ to children in the villages of Cambodia. Yachiyo’s desire is that they would know God's love for them and be equipped for a better future. By teaching them English, they will have increased opportunities for employment and further education (which will help decrease the risk of starvation, trafficking, alcoholism, and other secondary issues related to poverty).

Yachiyo is one of Cornerstone’s long term missionaries. Cornerstone regularly sends short term ministry teams to help Yachiyo at the school through various Christmas events, building friendships with the students, and helping them connect with Jesus.

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There are many costs needed to fund their programs. Any contributions are welcome! Find the details at the bottom of their website.


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