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Young Life is a Christian missions organization that introduces teenagers to Jesus Christ and helps them to develop a Christian way of life. It starts with concerned adults who care enough about kids to go to them, in their culture, building authentic friendships. These relationships take time, patience, trust and consistency. Young Life also holds monthly events or “Clubs” which are fun and entertaining outreach meetings which end with a simple message on God and His relevance in the lives of today’s youth.

Bellevue Young Life has leaders and teams for most of Bellevue’s middle schools and high schools and is currently operating virtually with its meetings and events.

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Young Life doesn’t happen without its volunteer leaders. There is always a need for leaders because we believe every kid in Bellevue should have a Christ following adult leader, mentor and friend.


There are many costs needed to fund their many programs. Any contributions are welcome!


Peter Lee <[email protected]>