A Prayer for Unity

Heavenly Father, today our nation will be electing a man who will lead our nation for the next four years. We pray that whoever occupies this office will lead humbly, righteously, and courageously. We ask that you surround him with people who are wise as they work for the good of our nation and the world. We ask that you would use them to bring our nation together. For those whose candidate is elected, we pray that they would be humble in victory. For those whose candidate loses, we pray that they would be gracious in defeat. Our nation is facing many challenging and complex issues and may our President, whoever he is, seek to do what’s best for all our citizens, not just their political party.

I pray that all of our elected officials, from the President to governors to representatives and senators, that each will see their need for you. Like Solomon, may they be so overwhelmed by their daunting task that they humbly seek you in all they do.

I also pray that all of the followers of Christ throughout our country, will respond to the election with faith, knowing that you are Lord and that your purposes are still being accomplished. May your church rise up, and be agents of hope and conduits of peace. May our Cornerstone family, no matter who we voted for, experience unity in the midst of our diverse opinions and perspectives because we know that you are still King of kings and Lord of lords and we come under your rule and reign. In Jesus’ name, amen!

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