...I was a stranger and you invited me in.
Matthew 25:35

Over the past several weeks, the world has watched as the Ukraine crisis has dominated headlines.  But this blog isn't about taking one side or the other or espousing any particular political views.  What is undeniable is the fallout that has resulted from this conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  The most jarring statistic is that over 5 million Ukrainian children and adults have fled to neighboring countries.  Unfortunately, those numbers continue to rise, in addition to the growing number of casualties.  

On this side of the world, there are numerous ways to respond to what is going on in Ukraine.  We can read the news and shake our head and get angry.  We can search for an organization to send money.  We can take a moment to pray for the safety and grief suffered by all the victims.  Or we can choose to do nothing at all.

 As followers of Christ, we know that in Matthew 25, Jesus shares a humbling warning about the sheep and the goats.  The sheep who did "for one of the least of these brothers and sisters" did it for Jesus.  They will inherit the kingdom of heaven, while those that did not will go away to eternal punishment.  God is absolutely clear about how we are to respond to those that are hungry and thirsty, those that need clothes, those that are sick, and those that are strangers.  And for this last example, Jesus states simply that we are to "invite them in".

In Cornerstone's Compassion ministry, we are blessed to be partners with both World Relief and Rescue Freedom.  Both organizations are actively engaging with victims of the Ukraine Crisis.  World Relief is helping refugees relocate to neighboring countries.  They are providing food, shelter and healthcare to displaced families.  Rescue Freedom is aiding women and children fleeing across the border by protecting them from predators who are promising safety but are actually seeking to enslave them into trafficking.  They're employing a preventative strategy to accompany their rescue and rehabilitation efforts.  

While the crisis in Ukraine continues, we have an opportunity to be faithful to God's calling for us to love on these strangers.  And while we may not be able to do this in-person yet (hoping for future Good Neighbor Team opportunities!), we can pray for and give generously to those that are able to be His hands and feet on the frontlines of Ukraine.  We can love Jesus by loving them.  

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